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Paper Pallet - Selangor | Kuala Lumpur (KL) | Malaysia

Paper Pallet

A carton board pallet is light, so huge savings are possible in air freight cost. Material and handling costs can be reduced, optimized products recycling costs can be reduced. Space requirement in the warehouse can be minimized. High strength value, laboratory tests conducted up to 10,000kg static weight without failure. Each pallet is new, clean and good looking. ''Green Thinking'' gives a good company image. A carton board pallet needs treatment or markings like wood.
Our carton pallet is assembled using the Eltete Pallrun and different elements as the top layer (edgeboards, flatboards, corrugated board, honeycomb, plywood or other similar supporting structure). 4-way and 2-way pallet are available, size/model option are flexible.

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