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Jumbo Bag

In Malaysia, a jumbo bag, also known as a bulk bag or flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC), is a large, woven polypropylene bag designed for transporting and storing dry, granular, or powdered materials in bulk quantities. These bags typically have a capacity ranging from 500 to 2000 kilograms or more, depending on the design and specifications.

Jumbo bags in Malaysia are commonly used in various industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, chemical, and manufacturing. They are versatile and suitable for handling a wide range of materials including sand, gravel, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural products, and more.

These bags feature strong, woven polypropylene fabric construction with reinforced stitching to ensure durability and resistance to tearing or puncturing during handling and transportation. They often come with lifting loops or straps for easy handling with forklifts or cranes.

Jumbo bags are favored for their efficiency in bulk handling and transportation, as they allow for the consolidation and secure containment of materials while minimizing the need for individual packaging. They offer cost savings, logistical advantages, and environmental benefits compared to traditional packaging methods, making them a popular choice for businesses and industries in Malaysia.

14 Feb 2024