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Stretch Film

Stretch film in Malaysia, also known as stretch wrap or stretch film wrap, is a type of packaging material commonly used for securing and protecting goods during storage, transit, and shipment. It is typically made from polyethylene, a durable and flexible plastic material.

Stretch film is characterized by its ability to stretch and cling tightly to the items it wraps around. It is applied by hand or with a machine, where it is stretched and wound around pallets, boxes, or other items to create a secure and stable load. The stretching process allows the film to conform to the shape of the goods, providing a snug fit and preventing shifting or movement during transportation.

In Malaysia, stretch film is widely used across various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail. It is commonly employed in warehouses and distribution centers to wrap palletized goods, as well as for bundling products together for shipment. Stretch film helps protect items from dust, moisture, and other contaminants, while also providing stability and protection against damage during handling and transit.

The use of stretch film in Malaysia is governed by quality standards and regulations to ensure its effectiveness and safety in packaging applications. It is available in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths to accommodate different packaging needs and requirements. Overall, stretch film plays a crucial role in the packaging and transportation of goods, contributing to the efficiency and safety of supply chain operations in Malaysia.

13 Feb 2024