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Automatic Paper Tape Dispenser

This water-activated tape dispenser MP-AT is an eco-friendly packaging machine, designed for fast-paced shipping and packaging environments. You can produce paper tapes on-demand and pack them flexibly, saving labor and inventory costs. You are able to print your own logo on the paper tape, and conduct good advertising. Replacing traditional OPP tape packaging, it is 100% recyclable and sticky, perfectly protecting the contents of the carton from tampering. It is the best packaging solution for sealed cartons. The water-activated tape dispenser enables simple operation and one-touch dispensing of reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tapes. Ideal for operations requiring the application of a security seal on small corrugated boxes, express cartons, privacy parcels, and more.
The water-activated tape dispenser provides more accuracy and reliability than a tape measure, with a flip-top design for a tape replacement, and an exposed large-capacity water tank for quick and easy water replenishment, the first step in quickly sealing the carton.
The Water Activated Tape Dispenser can be equipped with a professional accessory - Tape Aerial, which provides and secures a straight length of wetted tape for instant trouble-free application on the carton. It just clips in the tape dispenser MP-AT. When the tape is dispensed, it forms a ''V'' shape so it is self-supporting and easier to pick up and stick to the carton.

Benefits of using MP-AT paper tape dispenser :
  • Foot pedals for hands-free dispensing
  • Free choice of tape length
  • 1 liter of water quickly heats up to activate the starch binder
  • Customize exclusive logo or other brand information to enhance corporate awareness
  • Provide 15-210cm length to meet different carton sealing needs
  • Secure packaging prevents tampering
  • Multiple modes of operation, providing a variety of options
  • Set safety interlock switch, power off when the cover is opened
  • High efficiency, automatic tape out after selecting the length
  • Automatic advance features to dispense the next piece when the previous piece is removed


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