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Transpak H-45L - 12mm Band

Main Features

For All Kinds of Flat Packages
  • It is suitable for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications in all industrial sectors (pallet, construction materials, wood/panel board, paper, etc.) where it requires consistent strappings to secure the load.

Easy Single-Handed Operation
  • The operation of the tool is extremely easy with only one push of a button. Tensioning, sealing and cutting are all done at the push of the start button. It is the most user-friendly tool.

Simple Adjustion
  • Strap Tension - Strap tension adjustment can be easily done by a simple turn of the dial. Proper tension ensures ideal load security. 
  • Sealing Time - Adjustable sealing time allows individual setting for different strap types and strap quality to guarantee the highest joint efficiency.

Friction Weld Sealing
  • The advanced friction weld sealing technology guarantees reliable joint and high seal efficiency for both PP and PET straps.

Bosch Battery & Charger
  • Battery operation makes the Helios independently of any power supply. Ready to use anywhere. High battery capacity provides up to 550 (for PP) and 300 (for PET) strapping cycles per charge. Rechargeable battery with long battery life up to 1,000 charges.

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